Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Battle of Ideas & Values

Since elections are about contrasting ideas and values and because Colorado is replete with registered Independents, it's crucial for former Rep. Bob Schaffer to aggressively define himself and the ideas he champions to demonstrate that he's in touch with mainstream voters.

This will be a challenge because no sooner had Schaffer announced his candidacy than the liberal media (excuse the redundancy) began stigmatizing him as an arch-conservative. The truth, which has been buried beneath a staggering amount of media falsehoods is that most Coloradoans are moderate to somewhat conservative.

In that regard they subscribe to the virtues of a smaller footprint for government, the economic benefits of lower taxes, the right to bear arms, and an understanding that our security at home is dependent upon the relative stability of geopolitical flash points worldwide.

As always, we can be assured that Schaffer's opponent will be well funded by the 527s which make up for their lack of grassroots fund-raising with fiscal Goliaths such as George Soros. That's why it's so important that Schaffer's message reaches every corner of the state so that early fund-raising can begin.

That stated, it's also vital that the voice of the people be heard in every venue possible, from letters to the editor, to web discussions on the sites of Colorado's major newspapers, and, particularly, in the blogosphere, which is a powerful tool barely tapped by Republicans.

If the sensible people of Colorado have a real opportunity to hear the messages of both candidates we can be confident of victory next year, but make no mistake, the liberals wrote the textbook on message distortion and hyperbole, so the we must rise to the challenge.

Let the contest begin.

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