Saturday, June 30, 2007

"Boulder Has Its Own Foreign Policy"

Today, I found an old article from Colorado Confidential and also a new one from Media Matters.

The CoCo article observed that Mark Udall was trying to dodge the "Boulder Liberal" label. The "joke" he tells to avoid criticism is telling in ways he might not have intended:

"I’ve had some fun saying that Colorado Springs and Boulder are exactly alike. They both have world class mountain backdrops, Olympic athletes in-residence, nonprofit communities like no other, a high tech presence important to the economies and beautiful downtowns.

"The only difference is that Boulder has its own foreign policy."

Colorado Media Matters reported yesterday that Udall has said:

"So, when Congress reconvenes after the Memorial Day recess I will introduce legislation making the Iraq Study Group's recommendations our national policy."

Ken Salizar has now done that. It would be very useful if our Congressmen, Senators, and would be Senators were required to take an introductory course in the functions of the various branches of government.

Boulder's "foreign policy initiative" simply isn't supported by the Constitution, foreign policy being the prerogative of the executive. It will be very hard for Udall to shake the Boulder Liberal label if he insists on pushing its foreign policy.

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