Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Co-author

I will be writing here from time to time on Mark Udall. I have another blog that would be neutral in the very unlikely event that there is a Republican Senate primary. My appearance here should not be read as an endorsement of Bob Schaffer until it is certain that he is the nominee.

While I do not plan to mention Bob Schaffer's name again, at least in the near term, I believe that it is important that someone keep tabs on Boulder liberal Mark Udall and what is being said about him. The left will try to pass him off as some sort of "moderate." He doesn't look all that moderate to me. I will try to bring forward information and issues that illustrate just how liberal, how far out of the mainstream he is.

I plan to write short comments and do a lot of linking to Udall related material. From time to time, I will link to my own blog in the third person when it publishes information relating to Udall. I will not cross post essays. My blog may also link here, again in the third person.

I will start with some old links and mix in some new.

I am new to blogspot and it will take a bit to learn the software. This essay is not being spellchecked because I haven't figured out how.

I will always be ... A Watcher

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