Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mark Udall Caters to Green Extremists

In a stinging editorial last Sunday, Udall takes wrong fork in the road, the Colorado Springs Gazette called Mark Udall to task for trying to close roads on Federal property to the public:

Today, public lands exclusionists are trying to close or restrict use of these roads as a way of curtailing access to federal lands. “Roadless” advocates are waging war on the miners, ranchers, loggers, and oil and gas developers who also make use of these roads, as well as Americans who recreate on motorized vehicles...

This suggests Udall cares little about the rights of rural Westerners to use byways their great-grandfathers used before Washington “owned” everything, and that he will cater to green extremists and the anti-access elitists if he ever becomes senator. Coloradans wanting to keep their roads and lands open and accessible should keep that in mind.

If you follow the link to read the whole editorial, you should know that the Gazette has a quirk with their editorials. They publish on two subjects but with one link. This is the second editorial, so scroll down to see it.

If you want to see what the green extremists are saying, and who is saying it, follow this pdf link.

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