Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mark Udall Only Telling Half the Story of His Position on the Roan Plateau

The Denver Post gave both Bob Schaffer and Mark Udall the same set of questions on energy policy, and recorded their answers. The results? Some points of agreement. It was slightly annoying to read Schaffer's answers in the third-person voice, but it was entirely predictable to see the lack of depth or detail in Udall's responses.

Besides, Mark Udall is trying to obfuscate his position on natural gas exploration on the Roan Plateau. The Post asks, "Do you support limits to drilling on the Roan Plateau beyond the BLM's current plan?" Udall replies:
Yes. I support Governor Ritter's Roan Plateau proposal and have introduced legislation that would codify his proposal into law.
But that's only half the story. Here's the rest. Yes, Udall introduced the legislation, but has worked behind the scenes in an effort to stall out the clock and put even more of the land off-limits - flushing potential new jobs, a viable energy source, economic growth, and higher education funding away to cater to out-of-state environmental special interests.

Maybe Mark Udall could be made to answer a follow-up question in a debate.

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