Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Superdelegate Mark Udall Finally Decides on Obama, Still Avoiding Debate Challenge

The heat is finally off Mark Udall as a superdelegate. Based on a report from Politicker's Jeremy Pelzer, Udall has fallen in line by giving his endorsement to the now-inevitable candidacy of Barack Obama.

Just yesterday we wondered when Mark Udall might make the obvious choice. We're glad to see he didn't waste too much time on this important decision.

Now that the pressure to make a superdelegate endorsement is off Mark Udall's back, maybe he can focus on Bob Schaffer's request to have unscripted, Lincoln-Douglas-style debates. Nearly four weeks has gone by since the request was issued, and Udall has continued to hide from the challenge.

The Udall Watch superdelegate timer has disappeared, but the running clock that highlights Mark Udall's debate avoidance remains.

1 comment:

el presidente said...

Endorsing Obama now is like saying you picked the Boston Red Sox to win the 2007 World Series--after they won.

Bold. Decisive.