Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lincoln-Douglas Debates? Barack Obama--Sure! Mark Udall--Not So Much

From a story in USA Today that highlights the discussion between the two major presidential candidates about proposed debate formats:
[Barack] Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said Wednesday that while the town-hall idea is appealing, the campaign would recommend a less-structured, lengthier exchange more in line with the historic Lincoln-Douglas debates. [emphasis added]
Such a revelation brings some added irony on this blog.

Just yesterday Mark Udall finally endorsed Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, tomorrow makes four full weeks since Udall's opponent Bob Schaffer challenged him to a series of Lincoln-Douglas style debates. Sunday will be three full weeks since the editors of the Rocky Mountain News urged Mark Udall to accept the offer for at least one such debate.

And still, Mark Udall is hiding from any unscripted debate in which voters could get a true glimpse of both candidates.

Liberal Barack Obama loves the Lincoln-Douglas style debates. Boulder liberal Mark Udall, who just cast his lot with Obama, is running away from them.

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