Sunday, May 18, 2008

Why is Mark Udall Hiding from Unscripted Debates?

The editors of the Rocky Mountain News follow up on Mark Udall's reluctance to respond to opponent Bob Schaffer's call for unscripted debates, in the famous Lincoln-Douglas style:
...[W]e know what Schaffer is getting at, and he's right: Let's have a series of free-wheeling debates in which candidates have the opportunity both to respond to each other's comments and question each other, in a format that doesn't impose rigid limits on the time devoted to any statement or topic.

Udall has unfortunately balked at the proposal, arguing that such wide-open exchanges might fail to address a host of policy matters that were important to voters. The 2nd District congressman says he wants to debate Schaffer this summer, but that the format should allow questions from moderators or the public.

Fine, but why not hold both kinds of debates?
That's a question that should continue to be posed to Mark Udall until he gives a clear answer or otherwise responds to Bob Schaffer's proposal. Why NOT hold both kinds of debates? A glance at the counter on the right sidebar will let you know just how long Udall has been hiding from Schaffer's request for unscripted debates.

The people of Colorado deserve something more than the sound bites and pre-packaged pablum that accompanies the overwhelming number of today's political campaigns, and Mark Udall seems determined to continue.

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