Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Udall Not Immune To Campaign Ad Troubles

Schaffer's recent ad was withdrawn and resubmitted once a photo of Pikes Peak was corrected--in Udall's case, the offending campaign was pulled once it was discovered in violation of House rules governing the use of floor footage for campaign purposes:
Udall was forced to pull a video from his campaign website last October that showed C-SPAN footage of him criticizing President Bush's Iraq War policy. House of Representatives rules prevent members from using floor speeches for campaign purposes. His campaign manager, Mike Melanson, said as soon as the campaign became aware that it was a violation, they immediately complied.
Of the two ads, it appears that the misuse of footage was more grievous than a photographic error.

But that won't stop the Big Blue "mountains out of molehills" Lie Machine.

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Political Realm said...

In Udall's case, it was just a video posted on his website, not his television ad. Regardless, neither situation is really a big deal. Both are stupid oversights that will be forgotten in a few weeks.