Thursday, May 22, 2008

Attack on Bob Schaffer's Energy Record from Tainted Group that Shares Mark Udall's Out-of-Step Agenda

Today the Denver Post highlights competing ads on Bob Schaffer's energy record. One ad praises Schaffer for a comprehensive support of traditional and alternative energy sources.

The other ad, produced by the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), attacks Bob Schaffer for not taking a punitive stance towards companies that engage in oil exploration and production. Guilt by association has been a common thread of the Big Blue Lie Machine assault on Schaffer.

This LCV ad is lost in its own enviro-mythology that renewable energy alone can save American consumers with relatively little pain. LCV's views quite seamlessly align with those of Mark Udall, which we have deconstructed here:

- To Colorado's Detriment, Mark Udall Tries to Take Both Sides on Roan Plateau

- Mark Udall's Priorities Out of Whack as Skyrocketing Energy Prices Hit Coloradans

- Udall Rejects Gas Holiday, Offers No Meaningful Solution to Energy Dependency

- Mark Udall and Nancy Pelosi "Shed Crocodile Tears" Over High Gas Prices

- Mark Udall's Energy Plan Lacks Sense

- "Vote Mark Udall for Even Higher Energy Prices"

And Mark Udall doesn't seem to mind that the group performing attacks on his behalf is tainted with a recent history of campaign violations:
Wadhams pointed out that the group in 2006 ran afoul of Federal Election Commission laws, earning it a $180,000 fine....
Here's a copy of the FEC's findings against LCV. Outside groups like LCV may try to keep muddying the waters during this campaign, but we are glad to help clear them up.

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