Thursday, May 1, 2008

Why Not Ask Mark Udall if He Supports Department of Peace Initiative?

Questions have been raised about the fairness of Politicker's Jeremy Pelzer recent approach to interviewing the two major party U.S. Senate candidates. On this slow news day, it seemed like a good time to put forth a key example.

From Pelzer's interview of Republican Bob Schaffer:
PolitickerCO: [American Right to Life Action head Steve Curtis] also said that you had not weighed in on the personhood referendum, proposed referendum-
And later:
PolitickerCO: I should ask you - what do you think of the proposed referendum to recognize an embryo as a person? Do you have an opinion on that?
Note that it's far from clear at this point that this initiative will collect enough signatures to be on the ballot. And reasonable pro-life advocates disagree on whether this is the right approach. Schaffer declined to answer the question.

Yet, speaking of relevant statewide initiative issues, why didn't Pelzer ask Mark Udall whether he supported the Department of Peace initiative? After all, Udall once was a co-sponsor of a very similar measure in Congress.

But the Department of Peace initiative hasn't even collected enough signatures to appear on the ballot, you say? Exactly. Just looking for a little consistency.

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