Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mark Udall to Co-Sponsor This Too?

Mark Udall, as we have pointed out before, co-sponsored a bill to create a US Department of Peace written by the loon in the attic whose name David Sirota claims no one in Colorado knows.

It turns out that a couple of folks want to put the recommendation to establish a US Department of Peace in the Colorado Constitution.

Make no mistake. We would think for a second or two about signing the petition to get this on the ballot. It wouldn't pass, and even if it did, it would be meaningless. Think of the spotlight it will turn on Udall. It can only help to illuminate Mark Udall's unfitness for office. Maybe the loon in the attic will get some Colorado name recognition, too, just in time for the National Democrats to show up.

The reason we would only think for a second or two is that if this makes the ballot, it will give the folks who want to destroy the initiative process more ammunition.

Not to put a bug in anyone's ear, but the Green Party could attend a Mark Udall Town Hall meeting and publicly ask him to sign this. We would be more than happy to report on the outcome.

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