Monday, October 22, 2007

Honoring Soldiers, but not Lt Michael Murphy

As a member of Congress who wants to be a US Senator, Mark Udall could have chosen to attend the Medal of Honor ceremony for Lt Michael Murphy. He did not. The ceremony took place only a few hundred yards from his office.

One of the three team mates on that mission who Lt Murphy died trying to save was Danny Dietz of Colorado.

If Udall couldn't take the time to attend the ceremony, one would think that he could at least have made note of it on one of his two web sites. It was too much trouble, or more likely doing so ran too much risk of losing campaign donations.

Mark Udall is great at photo ops with live soldiers, but like so many on the left, he can't seem to pay honor in any way to a real hero. Once again, the left's claim to love the soldiers is demonstrated to be nothing more than an empty, meaningless phrase.

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