Friday, October 19, 2007

Coloradoan or Coloradan?

In what appears to be a coordinated attempt by Democrats to smoke Bob Schaffer out on the issues so that they can attack him and force him to spend money defending himself, Cara DeGette made the following comment:

(Note: Colorado Confidential noted back in August how you can always tell when something is likely coming from inside the Beltway when the material refers to "Coloradoans" rather than the commonly accepted use of "Coloradan.")

Ever notice the superior airs that liberals put on?

I have been a Colorado resident since 1990 and lived in the state for five more years than that as a non-resident military officer. I personally use "Coloradoan" in my writing. Since I saw this comment, I have rolled the word off my tongue several times and might actually pronounce it "Coloradan."

I was raised in Missouri. Missouri residents pronounce the name of their state differently than non residents, although everyone spells it the same. That experience should make me sensitive to the two words. It hasn't.

I did serve inside the beltway at the Pentagon for almost three years in the late 1980's, but I don't recall anyone using any term to describe the citizens of Colorado. The subject never came up, at least in my small office in the E-Ring.

At the risk of being tagged as something I am not, I plan to continue to use "Coloradoan" in my writing. Let ms. DeGette get uppity about it if she chooses.

And on the subject she was really writing about, we hope Bob Schaffer continues his low profile. It gives us the chance to illustrate how far away from the center Mark Udall is without interference from the left.

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