Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Doug Lamborn on HASC

Last week, Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis, (R) VA passed away, leaving a vacancy on the House Armed Services Committee. Doug Lamborn has been taking some artificial heat in the 5th CD because he didn't immediately get a slot on that committee. About two months ago, he did get a letter from the leadership promising him a seat at the next vacancy.

He was seated on that committee this morning, but apparently was in no hurry to make an announcement out of courtesy to Congresswoman Davis' family. That is commendable circumspection.

Mark Udall, who also serves on that committee, did do a polite press release. We haven't seen it, but The Gazette mentions it tonight.

We usually give Mark Udall a hard time because he almost always deserves it. Not tonight. We think he did the citizens of Colorado a favor that Doug Lamborn wasn't in a position to do. Nice Going, Congressman Udall.

And for those who are interested, someone appended Lamborn's subsequent press release to the comment section of this blog entry.

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