Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Where's the Beef?

One of the few ways that deployed military members can keep in touch with what is going on at home is Armed Forces Radio and Television. By law, it has no commercials. You don't really realize how important an information source commercials can be until you have lived for three years without seeing a single one.

I served in Germany from 1981-1984. Those of you who recall the 1984 election might remember that Walter Mondale was being asked by his competitors for the nomination "Where's the Beef?" Overseas, we got to see clips of that, but without having seen the Wendy's commercials it was based on, the challenge to Mondale was totally lacking in context. Finally, someone got smart and ran the commercials as part of a special "news" program, so the digs started making sense.

Today's soldiers are luckier than we were. For one hour a day, five days a week, Rush Limbaugh provides context to the day's events. Liberals like Mark Udall may not like the context that Rush provides, but the soldiers do.

Today, Rush announced that the liberals are trying to get him taken off the military's airwaves. The next time you see a photo of Mark Udall with a soldier or hear him tell you how much he loves the soldiers, remember that he is working with Ken Salazar to take their connection with home away from them. Let them answer the 1984 question-Where's the Beef?

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