Monday, October 8, 2007

Should Obama Wear a Flag Lapel Pin?

More to the point, should Barak Obama be considered a serious Presidential candidate if he announces that he will no longer wear the American Flag lapel pin? That is the question Bob Beauprez is asking at his blog this morning:

However, for someone who covets being the next Commander-in-Chief to intentionally remove the flag from his lapel can only be interpreted for what it is. It is impossible to somehow respect and honor the troops while being ashamed of the symbol of all they represent and defend.

Isn't that something someone named Osama, rather than someone named Obama ought to be doing?

Bob adds:

It would seem that in Obama’s disrespect of the flag and the troops, [ Ken ] Salazar and [ Mark ] Udall could actually find a reason to be outraged. A Line of Sight expects only silence and continued political hypocrisy.

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