Saturday, October 13, 2007

Premature Celebrations

It is early for Mark Udall and his gang of environmentalist extremists to get too euphoric over Al Gore's winning the Nobel Peace prize.

Most of the awards funded by the Nobel estate are for hard science. The Peace prize is for politics. No science awards have gone to global warming science, and hell may freeze over (or more relevantly, the Earth may enter another ice age) before they do.

The fact that the political prize, rather than a scientific prize has gone to Al Gore et al. should be enough to bring the whole award process into question. We wonder if a hundred years from now, when better science is available, this award will be seen as an embarrassment.

The Denver Post is flat out wrong when it states:

...the theory that the Earth's climate is growing warmer and that human activity plays a significant role in that warming has gone from an intriguing thesis to an overwhelming scientific consensus.

It would be more accurate to state that a majority of recent peer reviewed science articles do not support the theory that the Post calls "overwhelming scientific consensus." It would also be accurate to note that NASA has been backpedaling on its claims as to which years were the hottest in the 20th century.

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