Sunday, October 14, 2007

Losing Favor

One of our favorite liberal bloggers lost some favor with us today when he suggested that:

we are to a large degree sitting back as the administration take us down the road of totalitarianism.

Unfortunately, he is serious as the next quote demonstrates. This isn't just a little over the top. It is paranoia in need of diagnosis and medication.

Yes I write letters to my congressman, which again matters here as it is Mark Udall and he should be out in front on congress flexing it's muscle rather than hiding in the crowd. But in spite of my sharply worded letters, he remains in the crowd (busily running for Senator). And just how hard should we pressure him since winning the senate seat here is important.

It is nice to know that Mark Udall doesn't share or respond to this guy's paranoia. What is scary is someone can suggest that the country is any where near totalitarianism and expect to be taken seriously. It is illustrative of the condition of today's Democrat party.

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