Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mark Udall: A Good Friend of Higher Taxes

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has just put out a laundry list of Mark Udall's tax votes for higher taxes. The list is so impressive that it is too long to repeat here, where we like to keep our posts short. We will share committee's observations:

Boulder liberal Mark Udall may be Colorado taxpayers' worst nightmare. First, Udall voted for a budget that provided for the largest tax increase in American history. To make matters worse, Udall also "mistakenly" voted for an even more extreme tax hiking budget. Now, it's a question of whether Udall will support a bill that hits millions of Americans with the largest personal income tax increase in American history.

It seems that voting to hike taxes billions of dollars earlier this year may not be enough for the free-spending Boulder liberal Mark Udall. Where will Mark Udall stand when it comes time to vote on the latest Democrat proposal for tax increases?

Yesterday, Democrats proposed a bill that will raise taxes on hard working Americans by an additional $1.3 trillion dollars.

The bill, written by the House's chief tax writer, will hit small business owners, married couples and middle class families -- approximately 10 million taxpayers directly.

If Udall's past record is any indication, Colorado voters can be sure their taxes will rise to unseen levels:

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