Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Letter to the Editor of the Denver Post

An Aurora man took Mark Udall to task today in the Denver Post for his resolution.

The Udall apologists were immediately all over him, including a claim that Limbaugh "doctored his tape."

Could Limbaugh or anyone "doctor" a tape? Not likely considering the number of tape copies that must exist. For example, the show in Denver is broadcast two hours later than the same show is broadcast in Colorado Springs.

The next guy admits that Limbaugh put his comments in context within two minutes.

It wasn’t until two minutes later, after lots of shuffling in the background–presumably when Rush or one of his staffers realized his gaffe, that Rush mentioned Jesse Macbeth and provided the “context” you refer to well after the fact.

One wonders what period...20 seconds...2 seconds...would have satisfied this guy, or Mark Udall for that matter. A reasonable man would think that nothing would have satisfied either.

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