Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rossputin Comments on the Race

We are wondering if anyone has noticed that the bloggers who are commenting on the Schaffer Udall race are either 1) so far left that you can only see specks on the horizon and almost to a person living out of state who favor Mark Udall; or 2) center-right bloggers with emphasis on the "center" part of that label who live here in Colorado.

There are a very few exceptions, and today, Rossputin takes one of them on.

If the race is Udall's to lose, it is because of the exceptionally bad political environment for Republicans right now, not because he is the better candidate. To the extent that the race hinges on independents (who, by definition, are open to voting for a person in any party), this is good news for Bob Schaffer. Udall's camp does not want to appear over-confident in part out of political strategy but also because there's no reason they should be highly confident.

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