Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Udall Votes to Defend Colleague who Smeared U.S. Military

Today on the floor of Congress, Boulder liberal Rep. Mark Udall tagged along with his party leadership and voted to kill a bill that would have censured fellow Rep. Pete Stark for his outrageous slander of our troops and Commander in Chief. After the censure bill was defeated, Stark apologized and broke out in sobs.

Previously, Udall sponsored his own resolution condemning conservative radio personality for a contrived controversy in which Udall claimed Limbaugh dishonored our troops. Disproven and debunked, the Boulder liberal Congressman today turned his attention to defending a colleague who delivered a tasteless smear of our military on the floor of Congress.

This turn of events does not reflect well at all on Udall's judgment. Such votes may represent the 2nd Congressional District, but they don't represent the state of Colorado. That doesn't bode well for the Democrat's aspirations to be a U.S. Senator.

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