Friday, October 5, 2007

Udall Fans To Be Disappointed

A long time New Mexico political reporter/blogger is reporting that Tom Udall will be giving the NM Senate race a pass.

If you want to read good political reporting, read the whole post. It is quite long.

It does make one mistake. We would guess Colorado political news passes slowly across the border:

For Udall, who recently assumed a position on the House Appropriations Committee, the politicos said the decision was wise. His importance to the NM Congressional delegation has grown with his new House assignment and a statewide senate run would have been brutal for the liberal lawmaker. However, he will probably still be a frequent visitor to the Senate side of the Capitol come 2009. Tom's cousin, Mark Udall, is heavily favored to capture a Colorado senate seat next year.

Last poll we heard about, Mark Udall's "lead" was one percent in a poll with a 4.4% margin of error.

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