Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Joshua: Follow the Money

Joshua Sharf says that we should just follow the money if we want to determine why Democrats like Mark Udall are so gung-ho about trashing Rush Limbaugh and ensuring that gasoline costs $10 a gallon by the end of the next decade.

OK, he didn't put it quite that way, but what he said was stark enough. He did say:

It explains Governor Ritter's impending sellout of affordable energy in the state. It explains Ken Salazar and Mark Udall - both either holding or running for statewide office - jumping on the chance to lie about Rush Limbaugh's comments on his radio show, and an attempt to corral the power of the Congress into doing the same. (It also explains John Salazar's sponsorship of the Stolen Valor Bill, which according to the Sorosians, addresses a problem that doesn't exist, although it might be embarrassing for Tom Harkin.)

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