Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Whistling a Happy Tune

The Political Realm says about Mark Udall:

The race will present a contrast for Colorado voters, will both campaigns gearing up to portray the other as too extreme. Democrats have had recent success in the state, but with more moderate candidates. If Udall is able to define his own candidacy and record, he should be in good shape.

That qualifies as calling Udall a liberal. Mark Udall, (D) MoveOn.org, hasn't even tried to define himself as anything but a flaming liberal. His allies on the left and in the msm always call him "liberal," "reliably left wing" or, occasionally "extremist." It has happened so often that we have a scoreboard that never includes conservative blogs as sources for labeling Udall. People who want to check our methodology are welcome to follow the bread crumbs backwards.

The Mark Udall is not a moderate scoreboard:
extremist 2
reliably left wing 4
liberal 18
moderate 0
conservative (no one would believe it)

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