Thursday, October 11, 2007

Face the State's Take on the Post Article

On Monday, we commented on the Denver Post's analysis of the Bob Schaffer - Mark Udall race. We thought the title was way off base and that the report was essentially sound. We should have also shined a light on the first paragraph, which is definitely not sound. Below is a part of what Face the State says.

The report, written by Karen Crummy, began with the following lead: “He served nine years in the state legislature, three terms in Congress and is now a member of the State Board of Education. Yet, Bob Schaffer can't get any respect.”

But according to Wadhams, Schaffer is already getting strong support from power brokers and party insiders, including the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the state party. “He is our de facto nominee and next year after the primary election, he will be our official candidate. This is a huge advantage allowing him to get ready for [ Mark ] Udall.”

This makes one wonder why Karen Crummy didn't bother to check her hypothesis with Dick Wadhams or name names of Republicans who don't support or respect Schaffer. We know that she and the Denver Post can do better than this.

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