Monday, October 8, 2007

Good Analysis, Really Sloppy Title

Today, the Denver Post did a reasonably fair analysis of the Schaffer v Udall race. It's title writers got a bit carried away, as frequently happens with that paper. They titled the article GOP's Schaffer faces doubters in Senate race. Out of 25 paragraphs, only one suggested that there were doubters, and that paragraph can be discounted because it didn't name names:

And a number of Republicans, including some well-heeled donors and power brokers, are exhibiting a significant lack of enthusiasm, and some are still hoping another Republican front-runner emerges.

A more accurate title might have been "Colorado Can Look Forward To A Hard Fought Senate Race." That is what the other 24 paragraphs are saying.

It is clear that Eric Sondermann doesn't read this blog or he wouldn't sound so out of touch when he says:

While he predicted a tough and competitive race, Sondermann said that Schaffer's biggest challenge may be convincing voters he is a moderate because many perceive him as a social conservative.

"There is somewhat more confidence in Udall's political ability and malleability and willingness to get to the middle," Sondermann said. "Schaffer may have a harder time moving there, coming from an ideological place."

Mark Udall embraced the Boulder Liberal label himself last week. In addition, his liberal blogging friends and the msm routinely refer to him as a "liberal," "reliably left wing," or "extremist."

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