Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Helping Out Public Radio

We're a fan of public radio, though it is not always neutral. We got a request on our other blog (thecoloradoindex) to put this message up:

Hi, I'm a producer with Colorado Public Radio. I'm doing outreach with various organizations to encourage people of various political leanings to contribute to questions we are asking online about politics and the elections. This is part of our Public Insight Network. Here is what I would love for you to post:

Colorado Public Radio's KCFR News recently launched an elections question on the Public Insight Network. I'm contacting people of various political persuasions urging them to sign up and to help get the word out. We're asking about where people stand politically, how their views have changed, where they get their information, how engaged they are in the process, top issues, etc.

This is the link to the questions.

Or you can go to, and click on Public Insight, where you'll find the "elections" question and others. More details about Public Insight there, but the big thing to know is we keep the information private and never use it for fundraising. So, sign up, make sure your beliefs and experiences are part of the discussion, tell your friends to do the same, and help Public Radio do the best possible job of covering this important election season.

Dan Meyers
Public Insight Editor
Colorado Public Radio

Keep it neutral, guys. We'll be listening.

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