Friday, May 9, 2008

What Political Favor is Mark Udall Holding Out for from Hillary Clinton?

With momentum growing behind the Barack Obama campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination but an insufficient number of pledged delegates for either candidate to win outright, the heat is picking up on superdelegate Mark Udall and his Colorado peers.

Rocky Mountain Right asks the most penetrating question in this developing story of intraparty rivalry: "What did Hillary Clinton Promise Mark Udall?" Or, as he elaborates:
At this point holding out only benefits one person in the race: Hillary Clinton. In a state where practically the entire state party backs Obama it makes sense that Clinton supporters would stay quiet or risk political suicide. The question now is: what did Hillary Clinton offer Mark Udall that is compelling enough for him to defy 66% of his base and refuse to endorse his party's presidential nominee?
A good question I gladly echo here. Where is the enterprising reporter who will ask Mark Udall directly, or who will dig deeper to find out the rest of the story here?

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