Friday, May 9, 2008

Kudos to Mark Udall for Accepting Bob Schaffer's Lincoln-Douglas Debate Proposal

A little while ago, El Presidente reported on Bob Schaffer's new debate proposal, pointing readers to a Rocky Mountain News story on the topic:
“Of course we want to debate,” Udall said after the event. “Of course I want a chance to tell the people of Colorado why I’d be the best choice as the next United States senator.”
I too am glad to see that Mark Udall has agreed to the concept proposed by Bob Schaffer, a plan modeled after the series of famed Lincoln-Douglas Debates, the 150th anniversary of which is fast approaching.

Seven summertime debates will do more to raise the level of the campaign and to reach out to citizens across Colorado than the bipartisan proposal of an online debate would have done, so maybe Mark Udall was just holding out for a better offer.

Anyway, kudos to both campaigns - to Schaffer's for taking the initiative and to Udall's for quickly jumping on board. As El Presidente noted, we will be providing more coverage here as details emerge.

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