Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Can We "Agree to Disagree" about Last Night's Schaffer-Udall Debate in Pueblo?

Twenty-one days left before the election, and we won't have to hear more about the debates in which candidates Bob Schaffer and Mark Udall "agree to disagree". Nothing too remarkable happened last night in Pueblo that I can surmise from the news reports.

But there was this quirky observation from the debate that allows more boisterous audience interaction:
Udall's fans cheered his support of a line-item veto for the president, and Schaffer's responded to his support for strict-constructionist judges.
In the spirit of "bipartisanship," here's a cheer for both of them. Because I agree with both those issues.

Quite simply, though, there are plenty of things on which I disagree with Boulder liberal Mark Udall. He can be right from time to time, but not nearly enough to give common-sense taxpaying Colorado consumers a rational reason to support him.

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