Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fat Tony *Heart* Mark Udall

For those readers who want to see the seriousness behind the Simpsonized satire, go here. Thanks to the imaginative creator of Marx Udall for the use of the graphic - you can see more Simpsonized Udall cartoons on his site.


Alan said...

Hi, Ben! I've been busy and haven't had a chance to say hello recently. Pity that.

Because we've only got a couple of weeks now until it's all over, back to schlepping Jon Caldara's hackery and farting vigorously into the same Independence Institute leather office chair you've been form-fitting into for years now. I'm going to miss our witty repartee, and I think that in your heart of heart you're going to miss me, too. Cop to it.

Nice little photoshop there, shame you guys are getting down to the low budget stuff, but that's what happens when all your big-pocket friends at Freedom's Watch, etc. bail to save candidates worth saving, which, as I've been telling you for months now, Bob Schaffer isn't.

And now it's almost over. Google up the term "pwned" for a guide to what this is going to feel like, sweetheart.

Ben DeGrow said...

No, I won't miss it really. But I will pray that you find some genuine human love in your life - to move beyond the bitterness and hatred that makes you look small in comment sections like this one.

And that perhaps you might find a sense of humor, too.

Alan said...

Clearly it has not occurred to you that the mere act of commenting here requires a sense of humor, otherwise it really cannot be justified.

I'm putting you on my Christmas card list. Seriously.

Ben DeGrow said...

Fabulous! Send me your address & I'll drop you a card, too.