Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mark Udall Just Happens to Vote in Boulder (at least he remembered to vote for himself)

From Rocky Mountain Right:
According to the Rocky Mountain News, Boulder liberal Mark Udall turned in his absentee ballot.... in Boulder:

This just in: Mark Udall voted - for himself. The Democratic U.S. Senate candidate turned in his absentee ballot Monday at an early voting site at the University of Colorado.

Are we still supposed to pretend he's not from Boulder?
A fine question, and an interesting observation based on the remark of a reporter who has busily tried to deny the obvious about Mark Udall's place of residence. We've been over this territory before.

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Curious Stranger said...

"Are we still supposed to pretend he's not from Boulder?"

There isn't an early voting location in Eldorado Springs. How else is he supposed to cast an early vote?

Where does your boss, Jon Caldera, cast his vote? What does it tell us about him, his politics and his agenda?