Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Uh-oh ... Bob Schaffer-Mark Udall Chamber of Commerce Debate Memorable for Civility

So reports the Rocky Mountain News - perhaps largely attributable to the fact that Bob Schaffer changed his tack:
And consultant Sean Duffy, who once worked for former GOP Gov. Bill Owens, said the debate lacked "electricity."

But Duffy praised Schaffer's even-keel performance, saying, "People watching this debate will see this is the Bob Schaffer who won a lot of respect when he was in office."

In previous debates, Duffy believes, Schaffer was "trying to score points too fast."
In a debate known mostly for its civility, the most memorable moment may have been Mark Udall's back-to-back flub at the end:
In his closing remarks, Udall thanked the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for hosting the debate. Uh, that's the group that's spending $2 million on attack ads against him.

He realized his error and then thanked the "Colorado Chamber." It's the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

It's not terribly surprising that there has been low turnout at the last two debates.

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