Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rumored DSCC Pullout Leaves One of Two Possibilities of Democrat Deception

The Denver Post reports that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) is pulling out of Colorado. Now frankly, I'm not ready to buy it, seeing as how the media jumped off the cliff last week with inaccurate reports about the DSCC's counterpart withdrawing from the state.

But if it is true, maybe there's a connection with this fundraising email sent out very recently from the Mark Udall campaign:
The bad news: Bob Schaffer's report revealed he has stockpiled a huge sum of money -- nearly $3 million -- for use in the final weeks before Election Day. That's a far higher "cash-on-hand" figure than we reported, an alarming advantage we must act to remedy right now.

So we've set an urgent internet fundraising goal of $250,000 -- which we absolutely need to reach to close the money gap before Election Day. Please contribute whatever you can afford towards this final effort.
Mark Udall is telling his supporters that his opponent Bob Schaffer has an "alarming advantage." Meanwhile, we're supposed to believe the PR of "state Democratic sources" that Udall "is comfortably ahead."

So we're left with two choices. Either:
  • Democratic leaders are lying to the Denver Post and its readers in an attempt to create a self-fulfilling prophecy, OR

  • Mark Udall is lying to his supporters to wring money out of them that he doesn't need
With undecided voters starting to tune in for the last two weeks of the campaign, now would seem an inopportune time for Mark Udall and the Democrats to cede the airwaves. We'll have to wait and see which alternative is indeed the case.


Curious Stranger said...

Guess those "inaccurate reports about the DSCC's counterpart withdrawing from the state" weren't so inaccurate after all.

"The National Republican Senatorial Committee is pulling out of the battle for Colorado's Senate seat, yanking its ads from television stations across the state beginning next week, according to an NRSC spokesman."

Ben DeGrow said...

Yes, it's true now. Before today, it wasn't accurate.

Does this mean you are leaning toward choice #2? "Mark Udall is lying to his supporters to wring money out of them that he doesn't need" ... or have you not made up your mind yet?

Curious Stranger said...

Speaking as a supporter of Mark Udall, and not, like yourself, someone just trying to make the most political hay possible out of a terrible electoral situation, if Mark Udall needs more money to ensure Bob Schaffer doesn't spend the next 6 years doing the bidding of Big Oil, I have no problem with that. In fact, Mark's due for another donation from me this weekend.