Thursday, October 2, 2008

Does Mark Udall Back Colorado Democracy Alliance's "Educate the Idiots" Campaign?

With the recent uncovering of the Colorado Democracy Alliance (CoDA) and its "Educate the Idiots" campaign, one has to wonder where Mark Udall fits into the scheme. More has to be dug out of the once-confidential documents first, but these are the first impressions left.

First of all, Mark Udall's campaign manager Mike Melanson is listed on an exclusive CoDA invite list as part of the "strategy group." The same person Udall trusts to craft his strategy is someone affiliated with the strategy of educating racial minorities as "idiots." All right.

Next, the AFL-CIO, the labor union assigned by its role as an "institutional member" in the Colorado Democracy Alliance to "Educate the [minority and dropout] Idiots," has given nearly $50,000 to candidate Mark Udall, according to the Federal Election Commission. It's not like Udall is unfamiliar with the agenda of "increasing union power", after all.

(Then again, what's a little more money from tainted sources for Mark Udall?)

And finally, there's a family connection:
Also involved in the operation of CoDA is a group called America Votes, an organization which until recently was run by U.S. Senate candidate Mark Udall's wife, Maggie Fox. A September 21, 2006 high-level CoDA "election protection" meeting was held at America Votes' offices during Fox's tenure (PDF).
None of these facts puts a lot of confidence in Mark Udall's judgment, integrity, or choice of friends. But then again, Mike Melanson, Maggie Fox, and AFL-CIO leaders could come forward and clear the record, if they wish.

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