Monday, August 11, 2008

After Russian Invasion, DSCC Anti-Ukraine Ad Looks Even More Like a Mistake

Four months ago the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) - dedicated to getting Boulder liberal Mark Udall elected - ran a silly attack ad against Bob Schaffer for his international work in defense of the freedoms of former Soviet republic Ukraine. With this past week's invasion of former Soviet republic Georgia by Russia, the silliness takes on a new dimension.

As Rocky Mountain Right notes:
Mark Udall & Co. can mock Bob Schaffer all they want for maintaining good relations with American allies in the region, the Russian invasion of Georgia proves that this is more important than ever. Just like "Big Oil Bob," this is yet another Democratic smear against Schaffer that is about to backfire.
As we pointed out when the original DSCC ad came out, the attempt already started to backfire back in April. But now? Mark Udall and his surrogates won't want to be talking about this issue at all. The question is whether the media will pick up on it at all.

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