Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In a Sea of Troubles, Mark Udall Finds Good News in Jared Polis Primary Victory

Facing criticism about his fiscally irresponsible record, a broken promise, an unpopular energy record, a major flip-flop, and the painful prospect of more debates, Mark Udall had to be ready for some good news.

And he got it late last night. As reported from his hometown newspaper, the Boulder Daily Camera:
Internet entrepreneur Jared Polis, relying on a massive bankroll to fund his political ambitions, claimed victory Tuesday as the Democratic nominee in a hard-fought — and at times bitterly contested — race in the 2nd Congressional District.
Jared Polis ran to the Left in his political campaign and won, upholding the Mark Udall legacy. Polis is a virtual lock to win the general election. Too bad for Udall the state of Colorado as a whole isn't so much like his old Congressional District.

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