Sunday, August 17, 2008

Schaffer Udall Illegal Immigration Forum

On Saturday Bob Schaffer and Mark Udall attended the Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs’ Immigration Debate--"Towards a Spirituality of Justice: A Day on Immigration" in the gym of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Colorado Springs. The following video recaps highlight the opening statements, Q&A, and closing remarks from the two main candidates, Schaffer and Udall.

While Bob Kinsey of the Green Party blamed Bush for 9/11 and decried what he called the "demonization" of illegal immigrants and Doug "Dayhorse" Campbell provided a few moments of levity on behalf of the American Constitution Party, Schaffer and Udall were the big draw, and only their responses (in their entirety) are included below. Each question is marked by an introductory title--"On Mexico" or "On Free Trade"--and due to the format, Udall repeatedly ended up talking after Schaffer, who was quick to point out Udall's mistatements and fabrications.

Introduction and Opening Statements:

Part 2--On Illegal Immigration and Border Security:

Part 3--On Free Trade and Mexico:

Closing Statements:

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