Monday, August 18, 2008

KBDI Debate Posted Online, Weekend Debate Followup

The debate taped Thursday at KBDI Channel 12 is now posted online in its entirety.

Quick thoughts:
Unlike the July 14 debate moderated by Adam Schrager for 9NEWS' "Your Show" or the July 28 debate hosted by Ron Zappolo for Fox 31's Colorado 2031, this debate suffered from an incoherent format, the baggage of two extra candidates (the windbag Bob Kinsey of the Green Party, and the brief but humorous Doug "Dayhorse" Campbell of the American Constitution Party), terse questioning from panelist Lynn Bartels of the Rocky that didn't blend well with Aaron Harber's more open questions, and way too much crosstalk from the candidates. SvU wasn't able to attend the Friday debate, which once again focused on oil, energy, and gas prices.

Neither Udall nor Schaffer did poorly, but due to the above factors, weren't able to score any points either. There were questions about health care, Udall's slip in the polls and his flip-flop on domestic oil drilling (along with Sen. Ken Salazar), and more exploration on the subject of energy from all the candidates.

You can watch the candidates discuss the topic of illegal immigration and immigration reform from video at the Colorado Springs forum.

Here are the shorthand notes from the KBDI debate that touched on a wide variety of topics:
Mark Udall—energy plan and energy independence introduced w/Salazar, wants Schaffer to join
Bob Kinsey—Green, unaffilliateds largest group, like to have another choice, upset with Democrat Party
Doug “Dayhorse” Campbell—American Constitution Party, people dissatisfied, government get out of the way of private enterprise

1st question—Bartels, discuss effect of Nader voters and differences between two parties
--Kinsey, Schaffer not a supporter of Milton Friedman, Udall has broad humanistic view, both support military/industrial complex makes us a pariah
--Udall, Russians waited for an excuse, diplomacy and sanctions, draw attention through UN, Russians are aggressors
--Bob, clearly aggressors, Russians create environment to exploit Georgians, Ukraine next, Udall ridiculed Ukraine work, divert loyalty back to Moscow
--Campbell, Georgia as ally to West, back them within constraints of Constitution, Iraq had no declaration of war

2nd question—Harbor, changed views on drilling, how to expand domestic oil production
--Udall, for “responsible drilling,” always been for drilling?, throw “kitchen sink,” Gang of 10 (5 each), wants Schaffer to join him, not opposed
--Schaffer, Congress low ratings, Udall as “Rip van Winkle” on the issue, Udall not for drilling, energy bill stands for nothing, against drilling everywhere, now Udall is “Big Oil Mark”
--Udall, always been for drilling, walks in lockstep with Bush, McCain/Obama oppose ANWR drilling
--Schaffer, “this is all baloney,” Denver Post writes about reversing opposition to drilling, Paris Hilton is more consistent on energy policy
--Kinsey, can’t talk about energy without talking about the environment, “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic”

3rd question—Bartels, Udall missed vote July 29th, why did you miss work?
--Udall, I kept that promise, Schaffer wants to talk about the past, doing district work and fundraising
--Benemann, but constituents want you there to vote
--(Bartels to Schaffer—you missed 13% of votes)—Bob--all votes are important, meetings in the White House, Udall committed to being there for the adjournment resolution, Friday was just a confirmation of Wednesday’s resolution, challenges Udall to release schedule and details of fundraising

4th question—Harbor, on health care, address those without coverage
--Udall, enhance current situation, not for government or private only, tax credits, expand for children, invest in biotech
--Harbor, cost and how many of 49 million helped?
--Udall, must be affordable, not everyone helped, cost not insignificant (in billions), one reason for ending war in Iraq
--Schaffer, don’t support open-ended commitment to war in Iraq, universal access indeed possible, use market and government forces through competition, lower lawsuits, to drive costs down, provide poor a tax credit to purchase health care on open market, system too bureaucratic and monopolistic

5th question—solar panels?
--Schaffer, have windows
--Udall, from Amendment 37, has “solar system” on house
--Kinsey, solar panels on house he sold

6th question—runaway growth in Federal spending disappointing?
--Schaffer, everyone should be disappointed, balanced budget, feeding frenzy on earmarks
--Udall, earmark reform, line item veto reform, pay-as-you-go budgeting, irresponsible tax cuts and unfunded war

7th question—manufactured evidence in war on Iraq
--Udall, a lot of mistakes made, take eye of the ball on Afghanistan, no plan to win the peace, let’s move forward, responsibly and honorably exit Iraq, hold oversight hearings, investigate and bring violators to justice, Kinsey impeachment push is a fool’s errand
--Schaffer, the answer isn’t more Congressional hearings, if evidence is available criminal proceedings should be brought to bear
--Kinsey, evidence that Bush acted illegally, can’t declare war on terrorism (on a noun), dereliction of duty by not impeaching
--Campbell, definition of insanity is voting for same parties and expecting different results

8th question—Bartels on “gotcha” from Schaffer in first debate
--Udall, it was a gimmick, no place for it in debate
--Schaffer, not a gimmick, “I know it’s embarrassing Mark”

Closing statements
--Campbell, thanks for inviting minor parties, listen to advice from R and D not to vote for the big parties
--Kinsey, economics should incorporate environment
--Schaffer, differences distinct, how undecided voters vote, we need to explore and pursue every opportunity for new energy sources, Udall has no solid position and flip-flopped, crude oil vs. snake oil, Udall selling snake oil
--Udall, take Bush/Cheney/Schaffer road or another road of a comprehensive energy policy, take care of middle class, change politics as usual

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