Friday, August 22, 2008

Environment America's Colorado Campaign Judges Mark Udall Insincere on Energy

PolitickerCO reports that a 501c4 named Environment America "is launching a ground organization" in Colorado to advocate the election of Mark Udall:
Environment America political director Ivan Frishberg, praising Markey and Udall’s record on green issues, said the organization aimed to go to bat for open seat and challenger candidates who would bring strong environmental resumes to Washington.
This raises a valid question about Mark Udall's recent U-turn in favor of offshore drilling to meet America's domestic energy production needs: Why would Environment America, a group religiously opposed to offshore drilling, spend valuable time, energy, and resources to support a candidate who says he now favors offshore drilling?

Environment America must be very confident in the insincerity of Mark Udall's latest position of political convenience. In other words, don't expect Udall to make any amendments to the party platform at the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

I think this ad by Freedom's Watch gets it most right about Skip, er, I mean, Mark Udall.

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