Monday, August 4, 2008

Blogging The 2nd Debate--Recap, **Update--Video Posted

**Update--Fox 31 has posted the entire debate online, scroll for the link . . .

In case you miss it, here is a steam of consciousness recap of the 2nd debate.

First segment--

What are the issues for Colorado voters?

Udall--Gas prices, energy independence, avoid war, create new jobs, release oil from strategic petroleum reserve, crack down on oil speculators, oil companies drill on current leases, drill responsibly, alternative energy "new energy economy"

Schaffer--without a doubt energy, energy costs to education, problem of oil price a function of bad decisions by Congress, partisanship has created need to send money overseas due to lack of opportunity to drill here, Congress' low approval rating attributed to these deficiencies, comprehensive energy plan includes "doing it all" including renewable energy tax credits

Udall--it's all Schaffer's fault, can't have oil executives in government

Schaffer--company was not primarily an oil company, cadmium telluride--next step in solar energy, companies receiving tax credits can push technology to create jobs and credible alternatives to traditional energy sources

Udall--we need to work together

Schaffer--vote no on an adjournment resolution?


Second segment--

War on Iraq?

Schaffer--we can agree that surge in Iraq is working, reconciliation between Sunni and Shiites, Iraqi security forces policing their own and taking the lead, still a lot of uncertainty, but progress has been made

Udall--troops performed with great valor, take care of them when they come home, "honorable, responsible exit," been 2 times to Iraq, accuses Schaffer of meeting with Kurds to cut a deal, take attention back to Afghanistan and where Osama Bin Laden is

Schaffer--didn't cut deal with Kurds, not in favor of open-ended engagement in Iraq, draw down based on real goals and not a timetable, Iraq as a bulwark against Iranian aggression

Udall--back to Afghanistan, rebuild the military, wanted a more specific declaration of war to avoid fiscal and human costs

Schaffer--Udall's resolution was partially correct, but too much even for fellow Democrats

Udall--must go back to central front of war on terror, accuses Schaffer of not supporting veterans

Schaffer--veterans know Schaffer's support, small minority in DC still believe we would be better off if we hadn't gone to Iraq, Bin Laden not "full definition of terrorism"

Third segment--

527 ads? Not good, not healthy?

Udall--don't like them, ask Bob about them, denounces 527s, its part of the game

Schaffer--why people are fed up with duplicity, McCain-Feingold on bipartisan basis, limits ability of people to speak in a campaign, laws passed to protect politicians to protect themselves from criticism, I'm running because I'm critical of government, I voted against it, Udall voted for it

Udall--broad bipartisan coalition wanted to take money out of politics

Schaffer--people want to have their say

Zappolo--you were ahead 10 points, but it is tied, why?

Udall--it's going to be a close race, need to listen to Coloradans, tax breaks not beneficial to Americans

Zappolo--it is difficult to run as a Republican?

Schaffer--Bush is not on the ballot, polls have closed in recent weeks due to energy and the inability of Congress to pass any meaningful reform, Udall has voted to close options, mine has been to open all avenues

Udall--oil companies like higher energy prices

Final segment--

Udall--elections about choices, if you like Bush/Cheney, bad health care, more of the same, vote Schaffer--if you want an honorable exit, health care, change, vote for Udall

Schaffer--people want fresh leadership in DC, Udall has been in Congress without much success, bipartisanship bickering, I'll bring energy prices down, I won't constrain options and will bring a different voice to Washington


Fox has posted the entire debate online

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Amos_thePokerCat said...

Ya, Fox 31 clears out that Politics page after a week or so, but the video is still available.

Udall, Schaffer Trade Barbs in FOX 31 Debate

I tried to remove any session id or other cookie like link entity, so it should continue to work. If not, just search the CO Fox 31 site with the title of the show.