Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mark Udall Could Do the Decent Thing and Urge His Surrogates to Stop the Hypocrisy

The recent online discussions about pictures Bob Schaffer's son posted on his Facebook page reflect a desperate effort by the Left to find anything to talk about besides their own candidate Mark Udall's failed energy policies and failure to keep his promise.

Rocky Mountain Right has highlighted the hypocrisy of those on the Left who have sought to make hay out of this story.

As 9News reported
, Bob Schaffer dealt with the matter swiftly, responsibly, and appropriately.

Attempts by the Big Blue Lie Machine to make hay out of the story have not only reflected hypocrisy and attempted distraction, but some of them have been truly vile. If the Lefty blogs and new media insist on continuing their folly, Mark Udall has a chance to distinguish himself with decency by stepping forward and demanding that his surrogates stop.


Alan said...

Watch Fox 31's report on the controversy:

And here is Rep. Rosemary Marshall's statement on the matter from yesterday:

African American leader, others call for Bob Schaffer to condemn racist material:
"Slavery Gets Shit Done," Confederate flag on son's website

For Immediate Release
August 5, 2008
Contact: Rosemary Marshall
Cell: (303) 888-9839 / (303) 355-5400

Denver - State Representative Rosemary Marshall Colorado called on Bob Schaffer to immediately condemn the racist material on his son's personal Internet site. These images include a picture of the pyramids with a caption "SLAVERY GETS SHIT DONE" as well as an image of Jesus Christ holding an assault rifle in front of the Confederate battle flag, a symbol often used by the KKK and other racist and anti-Semitic groups.

"Schaffer needs to take responsibility and immediately condemn the racist images on his son's Internet page," stated state Rep. Rosemary Marshall, a long-time leader of Denver's African American community.

Bob Schaffer declined to comment when asked by the Denver Post. (DP, 8/5/2008)

These are just three of the images that Schaffer's son posted on his personal Facebook website posted below links to his father's campaign page on the site. To see the full screen-shot of Schaffer son's personal Facebook page click the following link:

"It's enlightening to see some of the values Bob Shaffer, who runs as a "family values" man, has instilled in his own son: racism, homophobia, and a militant inversion of Christianity," said Allan Burns a businessman in Colorado Springs.

Schaffer has used his son in his first campaign commercial and on his campaign website.

"Schaffer is a coward to use his son for his campaign commercials but then point the finger rather at him for failing to follow his "values", stated Marshall.

Bob Schaffer's personal Facebook Internet page directly linked to his son's which included the racist images until the after the blogs and media begin asking questions late yesterday.

# # #

Sign the ProgressNow petition: tell Bob Schaffer to condemn racism, anti-Semitism, sexism and homophobia:

We now return you to your regularly scheduled shilling.

Curious Stranger said...

By "failure to keep his promise" of course, you mean "keeping his promise". I don't want to have to keep repeating myself on every post this gets brought up on.

Ben DeGrow said...

Curious Stranger,

See comment above. How is that for evidence of grand political posturing from your side?

Meanwhile, I don't think Alan realizes just how absurd his press release sounds - riddled as it is with inaccuracy, half-truth, and false innuendo. He must have needed something to drum up angst from the demoralized Leftist base.

Alan said...

You mean Colorado Rep. Rosemary Marshall's press release. Rep. Marshall is one of only three African-Americans in the Colorado Assembly, and she didn't need anyone's prodding to take exception to Bob Schaffer's kid's horrifyingly inappropriate Facebook page.

But since we're on the subject, what did Rep. Marshall say that was in any way, "inaccurate," "half-true," or "false innuendo?" I would really like to know. Or does slavery really "get shit done?"

Ben DeGrow said...

It must be nice to get paid to act so transparently idiotic as you do. Of course, that assumes you really believe what you write.

So here's the remedial "duh" moment for you, Alan: It's not the fact that Rep Marshall took exception to it - it's the fact that the release acted as if Bob Schaffer had not already publicly taken exception to it and promptly pledged to deal with it appropriately. It is interesting that someone else is used to make the 2nd quote, which is obviously and patently untrue.

And your group is making a public spectacle of a private family issue for raw political gain (then foisting the responsibility onto someone else). But this is part and parcel of the Leftist (aka "progressive") view of the world and those that run in Mark Udall's circles. BTW, why isn't he commenting?

Go ahead and try to play your twisted identity politics game. I expect nothing less. You won't resist being able to get the last word on this one, so go ahead and do that, too.

Alan said...

If the images in question had no political relevance, or if this was just a case of the kid getting a DUI or something, you'd be right. But especially after Justin's Dad spent all that time vigorously defending his garment-making buddies in Saipan from what amounted to allegations of indentured servitude, "slavery gets shit done" is a little egregious. Kind of supports the idea that Justin didn't get much moral inculcation during his youth, with Dad's legislative agenda being further corroboration. Which is fair game if anything on this earth is, Ben. I mean, duh.

What do you think he meant by Obama and Count Chocula bring "separated at birth," anyway? It's stupid but the intent is unmistakable. I find it hard to believe that your readers are as obtuse as you're pretending to be.

If you don't see how this creates a situation voters will demand more from Schaffer on than "butt out, it's my family," you've got rocks in your head.

As for the rest, I'm content in this case to allow your reflexive, dogmatic cover for anything Schaffer gets hit with, no matter how indefensible, to speak for itself.

Ben DeGrow said...

Alan, you continue to mislead and obfuscate about what's at issue here. I've never defended what Justin posted. But you seem to seriously think that all stupid things done by 19-year-olds are reflections on the character of their parents.
"I deeply regret that I displayed offensive items on my Facebook page," [Justin Schaffer] wrote in an e-mail to 9NEWS and in a statement he posted on his Facebook page. "These materials have been removed. I apologize to everyone who was offended and humbly ask for your forgiveness.

"I do not agree with the sentiment or content of the offensive material, especially the 'bumper sticker' that references slave labor. It is clear that my actions were juvenile, disrespectful, and a mistake on my part.

"The offensive materials directly contradict the values that my parents taught me and are forbidden in my parents' home. My Facebook page is solely my responsibility, and I am saddened that my actions have reflected poorly on my sisters and parents."

His father spoke to 9NEWS on the phone after an event in Glenwood Springs Monday evening and said, "My wife and I have initiated a process of firm and severe discipline with our son."

When asked if he supported the idea regarding slavery that his son displayed on his page, Schaffer said, "Of course not."

It's fine. You can ignore what you want to ignore. And being told by you that I have "rocks in my head" is something I consider to be a high compliment.

Trying to link it with a characterization of a past story that's been debunked? Well, you're getting paid to do what you do. Fair enough. And enough wasting my time with the likes of you...

Chaz said...

I wonder if Alan has children. If he does, I wonder if they have ever done anything that does not reflect what he has taught them.

I'm more interested on a candidates position on the issues and their personal behavior than I am with their children. If Bob were overheard making a statement about slavery, it would concern me.

Any discussion after Schaffer denounced the bumper sticker and his son apologized just seems like political posturing to me.

Chances are Udall's first response was to check his son and daughters Facebook!!!