Friday, September 12, 2008

The Ad That Mark Udall Thinks Could Destroy his Campaign

Mark Udall thinks that this ad

could destroy his campaign and has had his lawyer send cease and desist letters to get it taken off the air.

Now, why would Mark Udall think that? Because it suggests smoking dope in quantities that also suggest dealing dope. While he downplayed the amount of drugs found in his car, it was enough to get his car confiscated and put him on probation for a year. He provided the Colorado Springs Independent those details earlier in the year, but didn't bother to tell the Denver Post?

Car confiscation wasn't a source of revenue for law enforcement until the 1990's. Voters will likely forgive the use of drugs, but will they forgive a candidate who was involved in the sale of drugs? That is a different ballgame.

And what legal argument did the lawyer use? Why, the bill didn't provide for the procurement of vans and therefore showing a van isn't truthful. OhhhhhhKay, I guess those peace academy cadets were going to walk.


Alan said...

Mark Udall was charged with simple misdemeanor marijuana possession in 1972. There is absolutely nothing to indicate he was suspected of distributing anything, that's not what he was either initially charged with or convicted of. Your speculation is completely baseless and irresponsible, even by this pathetic blog's nonexistent "standards."

But that's okay, go over the top as far as you like on this, it's broadcasting to your dwindling readership everything they need to know. And not about Mark Udall.

absurdicus said...

awww, welcome back Grandpa McGrumpy. So glad you're back:

Curious Stranger said...

"will they forgive a candidate who was involved in the sale of drugs? That is a different ballgame."

Will they forgive an anonymous Internet troll with no accountability who speculates with no evidence?

Did Bob Schaffer provide cocaine to the Interior Department during his role as a lobbyist for local energy companies? We don't know, but he might have!