Friday, September 26, 2008

Mark Udall Attacks Himself For Not Supporting, Then Supporting, Then Opposing Repatriation Tax Relief

Bob Schaffer campaign manager Dick Wadhams is not always known for the precision of his quotable quips. But sometimes, like yesterday, he delivered a blow square to Boulder liberal Mark Udall's chin. He couldn't have done it so effectively, though, without the help of Udall's big mouth and voting record.

As observed by reporter Mike Saccone in his Political Notebook, Wadhams called out Udall for an attack that the Democratic candidate might as well have delivered to himself.

At issue is the repatriation income tax levied on companies that bring their operations back onto United States soil. Mark Udall went after Bob Schaffer for his support of temporarily reducing the repatriation tax.

Then Saccone notes:
Turning the tables on Udall, Schaffer and his campaign quickly pointed out that Udall voted in favor of a 2004 bill to lower the repatriation tax during the 2005 tax year. (Udall voted against the bill in June and for it in October.)

And finally:
Never one to let this sort of faux pas slip, Schaffer’s campaign manager, Dick Wadhams, wrote in a statement: “While trying to shoot down Bob Schaffer, Boulder Liberal Mark Udall turned the gun on himself in a blazing act of hypocrisy and contradiction.”
Pow. Right in the kisser.


John Salamone said...

I watched the Meet the Press "debate" as a somewhat disinterested party, since I am from Connecticut. I came away convinced that Shafer is a Nazi thug. He reminded me of Joseph Goebbels, shouting and interrupting, and shouting louder, so you could not even hear Udall speak. You people who support Schafer have NOTHING to be proud of. DOWN WITH THUGS! I instantly got on the internet to donate money to Udall.

A Watcher said...

Nazi opponents who weren't summarily executed were give a show trial wearing pants two sizes too large and no belt. Immediately after the trial, they were summarily executed. No one ever "debated" Goebbels in public.

The next time you want to equate a Republican with Goebbels, pretend that you have some idea what you are writing about.