Sunday, September 7, 2008

Left Contemplating Violence Against Mark Udall

For quite a long time this blog has kept track of the times and places where liberal blogs and msm (including the Denver Post) have referred to Mark Udall as a liberal. It is our scoreboard in the right hand column.

Imagine our surprise when we learned in today's Denver Post that calling Mark Udall a liberal is "hate speech."

The Republicans reveal their violent intentions by taking the first step towards violence, called objectification, in their ads. The attack ad presents Mark Udall as an inanimate object while it uses the script to demonize his record. Objectification of the “other” takes the role of dehumanizing the so-called enemy, eliminating the aggressors ability to identify with the other, and making violence psychologically easy to commit. It serves to objectify the entire group of people that the makers of the ad believe to be represented by this individual. Thus, they need to use some sort of disparaging slur to place this artificially identified group under the umbrella of. Racial and gender slurs have long been used for this process. Today Republicans just use the word Liberal as an umbrella slur for the dehumanizing othering of those who simply disagree with them about anything.

Since the msm and the left wing blogosphere were referring to Mark Udall as a "liberal" and more long before these ads came out, one can only draw the conclusion that they intended violence to Mark Udall.

It looks like the loony left is getting a bit desperate. Forgive us for the headline. It was like shooting ducks on a pond, fish in a barrel, Democrats in a campaign...well, you get the idea.

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