Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Puke and Snot in the San Luis Valley

As an off and on visitor to the Renaissance Festival, I was saddened to learn of the untimely death of one of the members of the Puke and Snot show shortly after their last performance in Larkspur last month.

It is nice to see that Puke and Snot fans Mark Udall and Ken Salazar were doing a revival in the San Luis Valley this week although news reports didn't say who was playing Puke and who was playing Snot. We'll improvise.

[ Mark ] Udall added, “I’ve always supported drilling — I’m opposed to destroying the environment.”

Those are code words for "I'm opposed to the use of fossil fuels in any form, so I have always opposed drilling, but I'm too much of a liar to acknowledge my record. For the next 60 days, I'll pretend to have always supported drilling and hope no one notices."

Puke again:
“Democrats aren’t against oil and gas exploration,” he [Mark Udall ] said, “but they just want it done right.”

Those are code words for "Oil companies can 'explore' all they want. We Democrats oppose 'development' and low gas prices." Nancy Pelosi said it best when she let the House adjourn without a vote on drilling (Mark Udall wasn't there, remember?): "I'm trying to save the environment."

And Snot piped up:
Asked about the use of corn in energy production and the belief that this is making food prices rise, [ Ken ] Salazar said less than half of the corn produced goes into corn-based ethanol.

He contended that the oil and gas industry is “actually demonizing green technology.”
If we remember correctly, it was the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times who first pointed out negative impact of ethanol on corn and food prices, not the oil industry. Before this author realized what a consistent liar Mark Udall was, we called him "cornfused" because he had a different story for every audience interested in ethanol. Now, he stands in silence while Ken Salazar pulls the same stunt.

Pure Vaudeville.


Curious Stranger said...

"Nancy Pelosi said it best when she let the House adjourn without a vote on drilling"

Don't you mean House Minority Whip Roy Blunt let the House adjourn without a vote on drilling, when he chose to have lunch at the Heritage Foundation rather than show up for the vote he's in charge of making sure Republicans show up for?

Do we really need to go over all this again?

And I still haven't gotten an answer from anyone here on what Bob Schaffer's alternative energy plans are - do they stop at carrying a piece of solar panel around in his pocket?

A Watcher said...

The last I heard, the minority party in the House has no power at all. Maybe there are new rules, though.

Nice try.

Curious Stranger said...

I guess you did miss that whole conversation. Had Roy Blunt *not* gone to that lobbyist lunch, and instead had shown up for the vote, the House would not have adjourned. The minority party has the power to vote, a vote which in this case would have made a difference, and Roy Blunt chose not to.

Ben DeGrow said...

CS -

In the interest of fairness and balance, I can assure you none of the SvU contributors will be casting a vote this year either for Boulder liberal Democrat Mark Udall or for Republican Roy Blunt. Thanks.

Curious Stranger said...

I'll post this comment again, since it hasn't seem to have made its way through moderation.

If Nancy Pelosi's actions are relevent to this discussion, than Roy Blunt's actions are as well.