Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Smoke-Filled Van" Makes Catchy Point about Mark Udall and Department of Peace

Freedom's Watch does it again. I think we've found another nominee for most creative ad of the political season in Colorado's U.S. Senate race:

You've heard of the proverbial "smoke-filled back room" in politics? In Mark Udall's case, it appears to be a "smoke-filled van."

Writing at The Colorado Index, a watcher speculates that the vehicle featured in the ad might be the missing car confiscated from Mark Udall three decades ago. I don't know about that, but it's clear that Udall's co-sponsorship of the Department of Peace has been good for humor more than once in this campaign - this time perhaps the best of them all.

Here's the other TV ad nominee from Freedom's Watch.


NoahWanebo said...

I just saw this ad and laughed my ass off - it's demagoguery at its finest. I love that peace and smoke-filled vans are inseparable. Hippies love peace, therefore peace-lovers are hippies. That's some sound logic.

Dan H said...

If we've learned anything from our republican misadventures in Iraq, it's that war cannot solve complicated problems. You can't promote Democracy at the end of a rifle barrel. I know Republicans aren't interested in things like "peace" and "prosperity" and "allies", but fortunately for the rest of us, you all won't be in power much longer. Schaffer's a rubber-stamping Bush-ite, the type that has spectacularly driven this country into the ground over the last 8 years. I know Mark Udall, and he's got more integrity and compassion than Schaffer could ever conceive of.