Friday, September 19, 2008

Released in the Custody of his Lawyer

Subtitle: More Dribbles Out...

It seems that the Mark Udall campaign does have documents and has released some of them, but in a way that you have to know where to find them.

The joints were on the front seat. The three small bags were elsewhere. Other drugs were involved. It was a real Rocky Mountain High.

It took two cops to arrest him.

Magnum PI was on the scene in hours, just like on TV.

Maybe next week we will get the court order. If Mark Udall saves his clippings, he surely saves his court orders.

Yep, the campaign has released one for littering.

Isn't this fun???

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absurdicus said...

nice digging, but it's still amazing that this is all this blog can talk about after days and days and days.